I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life…

…but I will tell you about a situation I recently found myself in and hope you will handle it as I did. For your well-being and peace of mind.

We were leaving work for lunch a few days ago, and in the lobby, my work buddy announced he had to go to the bathroom before we left, and went into one of the two restrooms in the lobby. I realized I kinda had to go myself and went toward the other, but the red “in use” sign on the door was up, so I waited until it was free.

Now, I have had a couple of kids, and when I have to pee it’s generally not a good idea to wait. My bladder ain’t what it was at one time.

After a few minutes, a big, tall guy comes out, all sweaty on his brow, and literally heaves as he exits the bathroom. And I see this heaving, sweaty guy and I immediately realize I would rather pee myself right in the lobby than go into that restroom because something strenuous has just happened to that man.

I was so troubled by the notion of what went on in that bathroom that when my friend came out, I just wanted to flee the lobby. I did not even want to use the restroom my friend had used. I ended up peeing when we had lunch, and things were getting dire at that point.

So, I just want to say, if you have to go to the bathroom and see a man exiting who is sweating and heaving like he just had a baby, it might be best to avoid that particular restroom. But do what you deem best.

I love you all.

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