When all you have in your fridge on Christmas Eve…

…is ground coffee, creamer, alcohol, and a whole smoked whitefish (vacuum-packed, head and tail included), and your daughter is visiting, it’s a wise idea to go food shopping.

Fearing ugly crowds and lines pre-holiday, we intentionally looked for a supermarket in a heavily Jewish neighborhood. The Stop-‘N-Shop in Monroe with the 20-foot-high menorah across from the parking lot was just the place. Easy to get through aisles and in and out of store, and we weren’t even in the express line.

We have produce and pasta now, among other nutritious items.

Thank you to my people, the Jews, for an easy shopping trip. Merry Christmas to all.

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Donald Trump Jr. appears to be stupid

Look, this isn’t a political blog. Yah, I’m political, but this isn’t about that. But I just have to make a statement:  I think Donald Trump Jr. appears to be stupid.

And other than his tweets, which are really moronic, my proof is his expression. This is the face of a man who was dropped on his head repeatedly early in life and not taken to the emergency room soon enough.