Lingerie dept., Target

Overheard a conversation badmouthing my one true presidential love–Barack Hussein Obama. Needed a new bra, but pushed the cart to where I heard it. Noted the culprits.

Hey, White Bitch One: Think about coloring your long, scraggly, grey hair and getting a decent cut. That mess does your sallow complexion no favors.

Hey, White Bitch Two: Maybe replace some of the Milky Ways you’ve been chowing down on with a carrot now and again.

I’m a White Bitch myself, but I love carrots and have a damn good colorist in North Jersey.

Cleansing conditioner

I bought Wen cleansing conditioner after viewing an infomercial with celebrities and a stylist named Chaz Dean. Not cheap, but on the infomercial, it made women’s hair look gorgeous.

It made my hair look gorgeous, too. A little greasy so I did not use every day. Fine,  because it was pretty expensive. Then someone pointed me to an article about women who were saying they’d lost their hair after using Wen products. Photos of women with bald spots accompanied the article, presumably caused by Wen. One woman in the article was so bald that she had to get hair weaves and extensions for her wedding day.

I wasn’t bald. I did have some cysts on my scalp that weren’t there before I used the product, but I don’t know if they were caused by Wen products. I had no interest in balding so I cancelled and stopped using Wen altogether, but they kept shipping me stuff after I asked for the autoshipping to stop, and that was a pain in the ass. And the cysts went away a few weeks after I stopped using Wen for good.

I got an e-mail to see if I was interested in a class action suit against Wen. I signed on because of the continued autoshipping, which was ridiculous. I didn’t go bald and have only a percentage of my hairs on my head on my wedding day, so I was lucky, but I did somehow get some weird lumps on my scalp.

Then I forgot about it.

But yesterday I got this check for $25. Not much of a reward, and Wen was expensive, but it required no effort other than to sign on to the class action. I don’t see infomercials for this stuff anymore, but there are still people I know who swear by it and think it’s the greatest thing. And it did make my hair look nice.

These days, I’m a really big fan of either the shampoo in the purple Aussie bottle or scent-free baby wash on my hair, and I have never feared losing my hair from either. Of course, someone may send me a link to an article someday.


Just took the dog out

The snow was blown up against the front door, the wind is whipping the falling snow into your face, the accumulation is about 8 inches in only a few hours and it’s supposed to continue all day.

These are Donner Party conditions. The only other living being in my place (other than a few bouseplants) is my dog, Gracie. If it comes down to her or me…I fear I am toast.

#blizzard #DonnerParty